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Hi! My name is Michelle Lowe, and I am an author. My published works include: The Warning, Atlantic Pyramid, and The Hex Hunt series - which is a fantasy/adventure tale for children. Right now, I’m busy working on a nonfictional book titled Cherished Thief, part two of The Hex Hunt series, titled The Hex Hunt: Surviving the Sea, and a dark thriller novella, Storyteller. I am soon to begin writing a dark fantasy series, Legend in Time of the Ages. Currently, I live in Irvine, California with my husband Ben and our daughters, Mia and Kirsten.

The Warning

The longest night in Nikolai Crowe’s life begins when he’s framed for murdering his ex-girlfriend, Jade Sho. To save himself and clear his name he must search for the reason behind Jade’s assassination. He’ll have to do so without getting caught by crooked cops, who would rather see him dead than captured.

Detective Lucas Knox, assigned to hunt down the fugitive, turns his investigation in another direction when he has suspicions about Crowe’s guilt. His hunch will take him on a long, twisted road that’ll put his own life at risk.

What will Nikolai and Knox discover and can it bring them to Jade’s true killer?

Luckily, Nikolai has help from a human clone identified as Alpha Replica 3007. This clone—and a band of others like him—have escaped their creator on Mill Rock Island. Now this particular clone is guiding Nikolai toward something Jade left for him before her death. What did Jade hide and will Nikolai find it before the cops find him?

The Warning is available in paperback and digital edition through www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com.

The Hex Hunt

Rain was an average farm girl, until one day a magical fox named Sage appears, asking for help. When a spell goes horribly wrong and becomes a hex, Sage is sent by a powerful sorceress to hunt it down. Rain must read a special spell code in order to pull the hex back to the sorceress’s island...a land nearly destroyed when the hex awakened the Sleeping Volcano within.

Sage leads Rain to the Town of Caves, which is left strangely vacant. They soon learn that the hex has taken the townspeople to a château and placed them under a magical trance where they’re forced to dance endlessly for its entertainment. It is now up to Rain to find and read the spell code that will free the townspeople and send the hex away. Join Rain and Sage in part one of their adventure!

The Hex Hunt, Vol.1 is available in digital edition and paper through Amazon.com.

The Hex Hunt volume 2

After defeating the hex in Mr. Cod’s château, Rain and Sage journey to the Industrial City only to discover—to their horror—that the hex has turned the entire city into a polluted, frightening place. Fortunately, they meet a helpful young boy named Jayden, who quickly becomes a valued friend.

When they discover the spell code inside a Mechanical Garden, Rain reads it and drives the hex far out to sea. The three find passage on board Captain Natsuko’s ship, and they believe all is well.

However, the hex has power greater than they suspected. Halfway through their voyage, the hex attempts to destroy them by resurrecting a dead pirate and his lost vessel, Jupiter, from the bottom of the sea! Will Rain, Sage, and Jayden escape the ghost ship and be able to continue on with their mission to stop the hex? Find out in this second installment of The Hex Hunt: Surviving the Sea

For more information on The Hex Hunt Vol.2, please visit, http://thehexhunt.blogspot.com/.

cover - The Hex Hunt volume 3

The Hex Hunt volume 3

After their dangerous encounter with Captain Jag’s ghost ship, Rain, Sage, and Jayden head for the Island of the Sleeping Volcano. As the sun peeks over the horizon, they reach the island that has been completely cloaked in harden lava. Sage takes them to her master’s castle where Rain learns a shocking secret that will break her heart. Even so, Rain cannot escape the inevitable confrontation with the angry hex.

On its journey toward the island, the hex has come up with a plan to stop Rain from saying the spell code. Read the final standoff and find out what the hex has in store for Rain as it fights for its last attempt to win its freedom!

The Hex Hunt: The Island of the Sleeping Volcano, coming September 6th 2013!

For more information on The Hex Hunt Vol.3, please visit, http://thehexhunt.blogspot.com/.

Atlantic Pyramid

The flight started out as per usual for flight instructor, Heath Sharp and his student, Gavin Cole, until a sudden storm forces them to crash into the Atlantic Ocean. Heath awakens to find Gavin dead and his plane stuck in the middle of a historic junkyard. The Bermuda Triangle has claimed hundreds of ships and planes over the centuries, and Heath has accidentally happened upon them. Set in the center of the junkyard is an island inhabited by nearly every pilot, sailor, and passenger of those lost transporters, still alive and unchanged. Locked in time, these immortals of the Bermuda Triangle live day after day, year after countless years in makeshift villages, trying to survive boredom, strange wildlife, and even insane Vikings. The law, thou shall not kill should never be taken lightly. The cost for breaking this rule is enduring the presence of the victim's soul forever. The island is the centerpiece of one of the world's greatest mysteries, and there is no escape for anyone caught in its web. Heath refuses to believe this foggy, dark place will become his last destination, and therefore searches for the greatest, unfound treasure—a way out.

Atlantic Pyramid is available at wolf-pirate.com.

Cherished Thief

In a time when outlaws were revered as heroes, Claude Du Vall thrived as a true gentleman of the road. Born into poverty in Domfront, France, Du Vall's neglectful parents tossed him out into the world to make his mark at the tender age of fourteen. And quite a mark was made when years later he became the most infamous highwayman in British history. During his wild escapades men hunted him, women adored him, and he was haunted with the inevitability of where his chosen path would lead him. This brigand remained elusive for nearly a decade until falling into a trap at the Hole-in-the-Wall Tavern on Christmas Day, 1669. Yet, even in chains, his life story was nothing short of remarkable. Claude Du Vall drank life in while embedding his name in the book of legends, forever roaming the King's Highway by the light of the moon.

Cherished Thief is coming soon!


Eric Webb has made numerous mistakes in his past,but none as severe as getting arrested after a botched theft when his pregnant wife needed his support while struggling with her drug addiction. By the time Eric is released, she has overdosed, leaving a child with a failing heart behind. Desperate, Eric pulls another heist in order to pay for his daughter's heart transplant. He splits his loot with his partner, Post, and they go their separate ways.

After six months on the run, Eric finds himself in the Motor City, staying just outside the law's peripheral vision. One night, Post calls Eric in hysterics, begging him to tell a mysterious stranger not to kill him. Eric thinks it's some sort of joke until Post's horrific screams lurch out from the other end of the phone line. Terrified, Eric disconnects the call, but the phone rings again. This time, another voice instructs him to go about the city of Detroit and collect the body parts of his ex-partner. With each part he finds there will be a story that'll draw him closer to the reason for this gruesome hunt.

Storyteller is currently in the writing stages.

Spine Shivering Stories

These are some short stories I've written throughout the years. After being tucked away for so long, I've decided to bring them out, dust them off, and share them.


Here are some oil paintings I've done under my zodiac, Gemini.

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